I just wanted to keep in touch and provide some top tips on how to keep yourselves safe and well during this period of lockdown.

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1. ROUTINE – Keeping a regular routine is pivotal to maintaining your mental wellbeing.  Even if you have nowhere to go, still get up, get showered, get dressed and get on with your work / hobbies and a keep a list of daily tasks you want to achieve and work through.  Creating structure will make you feel good and motivated.
2. EXERCISE – Physical activity is essential for a healthy heart and lungs and gets all those feel good endorphins circulating around the body.  Plus, it helps keep weight under control and allows for a little bit of indulgence (all in moderation ofcourse!)  I subscribe to Les Mills On Demand to access all my online fitness programs, https://watch.lesmillsondemand.com,  however there are lots of free resources online and many local instructors who are arranging classes via zoom etc.  This is a great time to try a new exercise in the comfort of your own home.  If you haven’t tried pilates before, this is a good place to start https://thebalancedlifeonline.com/.
3. RELAXATIONDo things you enjoy to lift your spirits.  That might be gardening, reading, cuddles with your pooches or having a DIY manicure, pedicure or pedicure.  You can purchase some organic skin care products, plus some beautifully hydrating hand creams and sanitizers from Neal’s Yard Remedies, in my shop at https://www.yctherapies.com/shop/. Some of you might like to try some mediation or breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, https://www.headspace.com/meditation/guided-meditation. You could even consider giving your partner some massage to help alleviate tension in their body!
4. LEARN SOMETHING NEW – If you have spare time, why not take advantage of some of the free digital learning provided by some institutions. Take a look at Open Learn https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-catalogue and Future Learn https://www.futurelearn.com/courses from the Open University.
5. LIMIT TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIAIt’s useful to keep updated on current developments but maybe try to limit the time you spend reading and listening to media news to 30 minutes a day otherwise you might feel overwhelmed and more anxious.
6. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIET – Eat regular meals, maintain a healthy balanced diet and keep hydrated.  You can read more about this at https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/the-eatwell-guide/.  Try to get plenty fruit and veg in your diet and enjoy your alcohol and cakes/chocolate in moderation.  Just do your best – it’s all we can do!
7. KEEP A JOURNALAs we are living in unprecedented times, it will be interesting to keep a diary of your feelings, achievement, experiences etc.  Once we are through this, it will be interesting to read your personal experience of coping with this pandemic.  Plus it’s good practice to get things out of your head and onto paper so that you can reduce anxiety and fears which will enable better sleep.
8. KEEP CONNECTEDMake sure you keep in regular contact with your friends or family whether by phone, messenger, face time, zoom etc.  Human connection will make you feel more positive and lots of people are now doing online quizzes, games and parties to maintain social connections.  If you know anyone out-with your family circle that is vulnerable, why not pick up the phone and have a quick chat with them – it will probably make their day.

I’ll keep in touch with email and videos and hopefully I will get the opportunity to look after my clients in the not too distant future.  Meanwhile, we must do our duty and stay home, stay safe and protect the NHS.

Lots of Love,
Yvonne x

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