Deep Tissue Massage is aimed at everyone. It is a very popular treatment and one of YCT – Yvonne Clifford Therapies ‘signature’ treatments. It focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia to release chronic patterns of tension in the body. It can be painful at times (this will dissipate through time with regular treatment) but it will leave your body feeling rejuvenated.

Most people develop some negative postural habits. This is because of repetitive activities or mental and emotional influences on the body. Many people have occupations that encourage repetitive postures such as drivers and desk workers who are working on computers and laptops all day long. This promotes gradual development of muscular imbalance leading to pain and tension and where deep tissue massage can help.

In addition, those that work, or are involved in leisure activities, that require a high level of muscular output often accumulate residues of lactic acid in their muscles, leading to stiffness and pain. All these people would benefit from deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage can be of specific help to:
• Athletes or sports enthusiasts
• Individuals with chronic joint or muscle injuries
• Individuals who perform repetitive work which puts considerable strain on muscles and joints
• Individuals who suffer from stress

Ideally, treatments should be carried out every 4-6 weeks for those clients who wish to gain continued and increased benefit but you will also gain from a one-off session.

You can read about YCT – Yvonne Clifford Therapies massage therapies here

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