A MARVELious client

Wonder woman

I had a MARVELlous client in the YCT – Yvonne Clifford Therapies therapy room last night….anyone recognise this little lady? It’s LITTLE DIANA – the Scottish-born actress who featured in the 2017 Marvel film, Wonder Woman.

She was staying at the De Vere Horwood Estate and she and her mum needed some pampering after a tough day at The devils horsemen practising stunts for the next Wonder Woman film due out late next year. This little star is about to head off to Fuerteventura, Tenerife then Los Angeles in the filming of the next movie. What a cool kid! It was lovely to meet Lilly Aspell and her mum, Donna.

Lilly is also in the recently released Sci-Fi thriller, Extinction, on Netflix which is doing pretty well.

I want to be a super-hero now.