Bridal Party Booking Deals

Wish List of Wedding Treats

Don’t forget to write a wish list of treats for the week before your wedding.  It’s amazing how much confidence a natural tan or manicure will give you or how necessary a facial or body massage will be nearer the day!  Are your feet prepared for the honeymoon or should you organise a pedicure too?

  • De-stressing Massage

    £35 each

    Why not benefit from a therapeutic back, neck & shoulders massage pre or post your wedding day?

    Natural Spray Tan

    For a natural glow on your wedding day, book a Sienna X natural spray tan.
    £30 each or £25 for bookings of 3 or more

    Gel or Traditional Manicure and Pedicure

    Are your nails ready for the wedding day and honeymoon?
    £30 each


Yvonne Clifford Wedding Party treatments