Clients who book in for Reflexology treatments, find is super relaxing and de-stressing. If you haven’t tried it, but have thought about it, why not give it a go?  You can also combine Reflexology with Indian Head, Back Massage, Thai Foot & Lower Leg Massage.   More details regarding Reflexology is detailed below plus you can find information on the website at https://www.yctherapies.com/massage-therapies/

You can also BOOK ONLINE here: https://www.yctherapies.com/contact/.  Please note I am still awaiting government guidance regarding an official start date (from 4th July onwards).

REFLEXOLOGY is an effective, holistic therapy that focuses on the feet.  Every part of the body has a reflex point on the foot – the body is mirrored in the feet.  Energy channels in the body cross every important organ, muscle and gland.  These are all connected by a network of nerves to a tiny point in the feet where energy terminates.  For everything to function at optimum level all body systems should be balanced and then the energy can flow freely through the channels.  The reflexologist promotes circulation and unblocks energy pathways by using a variety of specialised massage techniques to the various reflex points by breaking down and dispersing crystalline deposits.  The aim to create homeostasis – a perfect state of balance where all organs work efficiently together to provide maximum healthy functioning.

Some of the BENEFITS of having reflexology:-

  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Balances the Body Systems
  • Improves Circulation
  • Revitalises Energy
  • Stimulates Creativity and Productivity
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Improves Sleep Patterns
  • Reduces Stress and Induces Deep Relaxation
  • Induces a Feeling of Wellbeing

Ideally, treatments should be carried out every 4-6 weeks for those clients who wish to gain continued and increased benefit but you will also gain from a one-off session.

Any Questions or Queries? Please contact Yvonne – 07814 487716 or email: relax@yctherapies.com.

Gift Vouchers are also available to purchase at www.yctherapies.com/shop (1yr expiry from DOP)