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Deep Tissue/Sports Massage Back massage treatment

Yvonne specialises in Deep Tissue & Sports Massage and this is recognised as a ‘Signature Treatment’.

This popular treatment is not for the faint-hearted. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia to release chronic patterns of tension in the body. This massage can help injuries or strains and eliminate lactic acid from muscles and increase range of movement of the joints. You may feel some soreness during or right after the massage but these aches soon disappear leaving your body feeling rejuvenated.

  • Full Body Massage | 90 mins | £75
  • Full Body Massage |  60 mins | £59
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage – include Legs or Chest  |  45 mins | £45
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage | 30 mins | £35

Yvonne is fully qualified as a Sports Massage therapist and also holds a qualfication for deep tissue massage.

Treatment of the Month

Each month, YCT designs an exclusive pampering package to help you relax, look and feel your best.  These specials often incorporate several treatments in one session and are perfect for a monthly pick me up! You can view all monthly specials on the offers page.

These bespoke, high quality packages offer incredible value and utilise the finest products.  The Treatment of the Month is consistently in demand by clients and branded as a ‘Signature Treatment’.

  • 90 Minutes Treatment of the Month | 90 mins | £69
  • 90 Minutes Treatment of the Month with Hot Lava Shells | 90 mins | £75
  • 120 Minutes Treatment of the Month | 120 mins | £89
  • 120 Minutes Treatment of the Month with Hot Lava Shells | 120 mins | £95

Winter Treatment Specials

These exclusive treatment deals are designed specifally with Winter in mind and bringing clients some much needed comfort, warmth, relaxation and release of muscular tension.  However, these can be enjoyed at a time if desired!

Magical Muscle Melt

Relax with this special treatment featuring a hot lava shell back massage, sublime scalp massage and energising foot and lower leg massage.  This treatment is further enhanced with a stimulating and warming ginger and juniper massage oil which is comforting to tired muscles.

  • Magical Muscle Melt | 75 mins | £65

The Ultimate Winter Warmer –  90mins or 120mins options available!

This exquisite experience includes a relaxing hot lava shells massage for the back & legs to help create a sublime state of rest and ease away tension, knots and stress.  A luxurious and hydrating aromatherapy oil blend called ‘Clarity’ will help clear and refocus the mind at times when stress and confusion dominate.

You will then slip into a state of deeper relaxation with a Neal’s Yard Remedies ‘Organic & Anti-aging Frankincense Facial’ which includes a rejuvenating massage for your neck and shoulders as well as hands and arms.  The facial will help purify, smooth, plump, tighten and tone to reveal younger looking skin that’s beautifully soft and supple.

The 120 mins upgrade option includes a deeply relaxing and stimulating ‘Traditional Thai Foot Massage’, using a warming ginger and juniper oil, which improves circulation in the feet and legs.

  • The Ultimate Winter Warmer | 90 mins | £75
  • The Ultimate Winter Warmer | 120 mins | £95

Swedish Massage

This rhythmic massage increases blood and lymphatic flow, which promotes a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. It can improve muscle tone and skin texture. The intensity of pressure applied is adapted to suit your needs and preferences. This treatment alleviates aching muscles, revives the senses and is perfect for everyone.

  • Full Body Massage | 90 mins | £75
  • Full Body Massage | 60 mins | £59
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage – include Legs or Chest | 45 mins | £45
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage | 30 mins | £35

Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage

This heavenly aromatherapy massage uses Neal’s Yard Remedies organic blends to alleviate stress, ease tension and tired muscles whilst promoting a general state of wellbeing. This massage can include a facial cleanse or you may wish to opt for a detox treatment with body brushing and detoxifying essential oils.

  • Full Body Massage with Aromatherapy Facial Cleanse | 90 mins | £88
  • Detox Body Brush & Detox Essential Oil Aromatherapy Massage | 90 mins | £75
  • Full Body Massage | 90 mins | £75
  • Full Body Massage | 60 mins | £59
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage – include Legs or Chest  | 45 mins | £45
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage | 30 mins | £35

Lava Shells Relax Massage with Kokolokahi Oils

Feel the tension melt away with the luxurious combination of warm lava shells and an exotic kokolakahi massage oil.  You can choose from one of the enchanting oils to most suit your wellbeing needs on the day.  This indulgent and truly pampering body massage creates a sense of comfort and balance.  The shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow, deep moves to warm and de-stress.  this includes a wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away tension.  An unforgettable, harmonious and sublime experience.

  • Full Body Massage | 90 mins | £85
  • Full Body Massage | 60 mins | £65
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage – inclue Legs or Chest | 45 mins | £52
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage | 30 mins | £42

Holistic Heaven Treatment Package – 2 hours of Bliss

This exclusive package offers the ulitmate time out! The Holistic Heaven treatment provides 2 hours of bliss which will leave you with a powerful feeling of wellbeing.  If you want to re-charge your body, mind and soul, this package is for you!  You will benefit from a full body massage, facial, reflexology and indian head massage.

  • Full Body Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage with an Aromatherapy Facial Cleanse
  • Plus a therapeutic Reflexology treatment & de-stressing Indian Head Massage

Price: £105

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Karens massage story

I only use the best quality massage products. Massage oils and waxing products are natural and certified organic.

Pregnancy Massage

A lovely relaxing treatment aimed at helping ladies through this special time. The massage targets all areas of the body which are put under strain during pregnancy, especially the lower back, hips and pelvis. Techniques are also used that help with nausea, cramps and swollen ankles.

  • Back & Shoulders | 30 mins | £35
  • Back, Shoulders & Legs | 45 mins | £45
  • Full Body & Mini Facial | 60 mins | £59
  • Full Body & Mini Facial | 90 mins | £75

Myofacial Release MassageFacial massage

This massage treats the connective tissue surrounding the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. As the fascia releases, it allows the muscles to lengthen and relax and can reduce pain and discomfort of injuries and improve movement. A fantastic treatment for anyone suffering chronic pain or sports injuries.

  • 30 mins | £35
  • 45 mins | £45
  • 60 mins | £59
  • 90 mins | £75

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is an advanced treatment which can help to remove waste products and detoxify the body. A deeply relaxing treatment that uses gentle rhythmic pumping techniques in the direction of the flow of lymph. This treatment can help speed up recovery post surgery and alleviate swelling.

This treatment is available for anyone who has recently had a “tummy tuck” or “liposuction”.  Consultants recommend a course of Lymphatic Drainage Massage for 6 weeks after treatment. It is believed to decrease recovery time and improve results, by reducing post-surgical swelling and fibrosis (scar tissue formation).

  • 15 mins | £15
  • 30 mins | £35
  • 45 mins | £45
  • 60 mins | £59
  • 90 mins | £75

Seated Acupressure Massage / On-site Massage

Seated Acupressure is also referred to as on-site massage or chair massage as it is performed on an ergonomic massage chair – usually in an office, conference or event environment. Thumb, finger, elbow and knuckle pressure are used on the back, arms, hands, neck and head. Traditionally, the massage lasts no more than 20 minutes – the ideal form of massage for the workplace where employees benefit from this quick, dynamic, de-stressing therapy and can return to their desks buzzing with energy. This massage is non-invasive, with no oil used and clients remain dressed which makes it suitable for everyone.   Contact Yvonne at YCT for a quote for your office, event or conference.  Email

  • 40 mins | £35
  • 30 mins | £30
  • 20 mins | £20
  • 15 mins | £15
  • 10 mins | £10

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Traditional Massage leaves you in a state of glorious relaxation. Performed over clothes, this style of massage is sometimes known as ‘Lazy Yoga’. Pressures are used on the muscles, tendons and ligaments and stretches are used to aid mobility and flexibility. This massage service is currently only available  offsite in offices, festivals, external events and conferences.

  • 90 mins | £75
  • 60 mins | £59
  • 45 mins | £45
  • 30 mins | £35

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

This ancient form of healing massage uses a combination of relaxing foot massage, stretches of the feet, ankles and lower legs followed by reflexology and oriental acupressure. A super relaxing treatment which brings about a deep sense of relaxation and well being. This therapy includes the use of a traditional Thai massage stick for specific reflex points and a sumptuous aromatic Thai foot balm is used throughout the treatment.

  • 45mins | £45

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Indian Head Massage

Ideal for any head, neck and shoulder tension. Includes a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a reviving scalp and facial massage to improve circulation and aid relaxation. This soothing massage uses pressure points and drainage techniques to help ease headaches and sinus problems.
This treatment can be combined with a Back massage, Reflexology or Thai Foot & Lower Leg massage to amplify the experience.

  • Indian Head Massage | 30 mins | £35
  • Indian Head & Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage | 60 mins | £55
  • Indian Head & Thai Foot Massage | 60 mins | £55
  • Indian Head & Reflexology | 660 mins | £55


This ancient therapeutic massage treatment works on the key pressure and reflex points of the feet. Reflexology is an incredibly de-stressing treatment which can help energise, relax and restore the body’s balance and promote self-healing. At the end of the treatment, you will be advised on any blockages detected. This treatment can be combined with an Indian Head, Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage or Thai Foot & Lower Leg Massage for a truly holistic experience.

  • Reflexology (includes foot soak with blended essential oils) | 60 mins | £55
  • Reflexology (no foot soak) | 45 mins | £45
  • Reflexology & Back Neck & Shoulders Massage | 60 mins | £55
  • Reflexology & Indian Head Massage | 60 mins | £55
  • Reflexology & Thai Foot Massage | 60 mins | £55

Detox & Cellulite Reduction Massage

This massage can reduce unsightly cellulite and detoxify the whole body. It begins with body brushing and exfoliation with a himalyan salt scrub followed by invigorating massage.  Specialist techniques are used to help breakdown cellulite. The treatment finishes with lymphatic drainage which can help to detoxify the body and boost the immune system.  (Buy 4 and get the 5th FREE)

  • Detox & Cellulite Reduction Massage | 60 mins | £59
  • Detox & Cellulite Reduction Massage  | 90 mins | £75

Organic Body Scrub

If your skin is looking dull and dry, this invigorating treatment will leave you with beautifully soft, smooth and lustrous skin. The body is brushed prior to the scrub which is then removed by shower or hot towels. For those that like a firm scrub, the deeply nourishing Neal’s Yard Remedies Geranium & Orange Body Scrub will refresh and nourish your skin.  For more sensitive skins, the fragrant Rose & Geranium Body Scrub will gently polish your body to reveal silky-soft skin.  An intensely nourishing body balm is applied and massaged into the skin to conclude the treatment.

  • Body Brush, Body Scrub & Body Balm | 90 mins | £85
  • Body Brush, Body Scrub & Full Body Massage with Body Balm  | 120 mins | £125

Hopi Ear Candling

This is a deeply calming treatment for the ears which can soothe sinus problems, ease headaches and reduce the build-up of wax. Following the burning of the candles, the ears and face are massaged to stimulate the pressure points and lymph nodes to increase general blood flow and drainage.

  • Hopi Ear Candles with Lymphatic Facial Massage | 40 mins | £45

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